Carriage Bolts

Stainless Steel, Zinc, Galvanized, And HDG Bolts Available

Carriage bolts have a domed head with a square or hexagonal neck. They are designed to fasten either wood to a metal or a wood item to wood. A square neck ensures that it provides support by preventing the bolt from moving once it’s tightened with a nut. Carriage bolts are suitable if you’re looking to have a very secure fastening.

Types of carriage bolts

You can use carriage bolts in the construction of wood items and many more. These bolts were first used in the 1800s in the manufacturing of carriages, hence the name carriage bolts. They have different styles, neck, and head shapes to suit specific jobs. Here are some common types of carriage bolts:

·      Rounded head with a ribbed neck bolt. These bolts are constructed from low carbon steel and they have serrated shoulders with a round head. You can use them in soft metals, plastics, and wood.

·      Roundhead with a short neck. These bolts are made from low or sometimes, medium carbon steel. They have a unified thread pitch and a short neck for use with metal sheets.

·      Flathead with a square neck. With a flat head, these bolts have a lower profile either on the front side or on the top side of fastening. While they are mostly used in the garage door sector, you can also use them in other applications.

·      Lastly, there is a Fin neck carriage bolt. These are usually made from low carbon steel raw materials and they have a round head with a flat bearing surface. You can use these bolts with thin plywood.

Uses of carriage bolts

Carriage bolts are different from the normal screws because of their unique feature, a domed head. Therefore, you cannot use them to screw into a surface of an object because there is a square shape just below the domed head that will prevent the bolt from tightening once it’s in place. Below are specific uses of a carriage bolt:

·      You can use carriage bolts in wood-to-wood jobs. Their domed shape makes them better holders of wood than most of the other types of screws, so you can utilize these bolts when constructing a wood frame or for holding two wood pieces together.

·      Carriage bolts are a great option when you want to join metal to wood objects. They have a square underneath the head to prevent movement and the domed head holds the metal down.

·      If you are working on heavy wood beams, you will need to use carriage bolts. They are threaded and the square shape underneath the domed head are great for a snugger fit.

BACO Enterprises

To get the best carriage bolts, you need to order from reliable suppliers. BACO Enterprises has stainless steel carriage bolts which are not only strong, but they are also resistant to corrosion. You can use these bolts in any environment for outdoor installations. Also, they stock carriage bolts which have hot-dipped galvanized and zinc finishes. BACO Enterprises is renowned for offering high-quality fasteners that are tested in-house. They strive to provide competitive pricing and fast shipment with 24-hour shipping to the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.

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