Flat Head Bolts

Flat Head Socket Cap Screws and A449 or A325 Flat Head Bolts

Flat head bolts have a flat head with a reasonable height that allows a bolt to stick out after tightening it to the surface. Underneath their flat head, there is a square neck with a threaded part that has a unified thread pitch to prevent any spinning after a nut is fastened. The flat head bolt has a low profile on either the top end or front end of the installed surface.

Types of flat head screws

Flat head screws are sometimes known as countersunk screws, and they have a cone shape with a flat outer face and a tapering inner end.

The huge benefit of this type of screw is the fact that no part of the head protrudes from the surface. This allows it to penetrate into the material. These screws are usually made from stainless steel and zinc coating and are used when there is a need for a fastener that doesn’t require to protrude from the surface.

If you have finish work, then the flat heads are the best for effective results. You can also use a flathead cover to conceal the head. These covers are made from plastic and they have various colors that match either the plastic or wood material.

When to use flat head screws?

Flat head screws are commonly used in wood applications and some home repairs. Since each screw has threads and a head that you can use a screwdriver to fasten them with, they are favored by most people in the woodworking industry. It all comes down to the type of project that you intend to use these screws for because you will find them useful in most jobs.

Most woodworkers prefer to use a flat head screw because it’s easy to use and it secures well on all sorts of tables, benches, cabinets, and many other wood applications.

Once it’s installed, you can fasten the head of the screw and apply a wood finish to ensure that it looks just like the rest of the wood. Some construction workers also use flathead screws when they need to mount door hinges, hang drywall, and many other projects.

The best flat head bolts

Flat head bolts are used in many projects and the garage door industry is just one of them. It doesn’t matter the type of application you want to use them for. They will provide you with great options. They come in different sizes including A449 and A325 flat head bolts and flat head socket cap screws.

BACO Enterprises provides you with excellent options to select the flat head screws and bolts that you need. With their competitive pricing and flexible shipping services, you are bound to receive your products within 24 hours after placing the order in the Northeast or Mid Altantic.

All the screws and bolts meet the high-quality standards as they go through in-house testing and inspection procedures. Even better, an experienced and highly qualified team is available to offer you an onsite job surveying services to ensure that the fastener suits your application and that it is correctly installed. With a catalog displaying different flat head screws and bolts, you can choose the right one that fits your project.

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