Hex Bolts

Plain, Zinc, HDG And B7 Hex Bolts

Hex bolts are pretty flexible fasteners and are usually made of different types of steel grades. They have a threaded rod with a six-sided head. These bolts are commonly used in the construction industry and auto applications. Hex bolts have specifications to help you understand the mechanical properties that will suit the specific jobs you are carrying out.

Types of hex bolts

People refer to hex bolts by different names including hexagonal screw head bolts, hex cap screws, hex cap bolts, and machine bolts. They are a great option when it comes to construction and repair jobs. The ideal way to get the right hex bolt is to choose the best one that fits the type of work you are doing.

Each hex bolt has unique functions to suit particular applications. Therefore, these bolts are made from various materials to ensure that they can be used in a wide range of objects. Below are some types of hex bots:

·      There is a stainless steel hex bolt that doesn’t have a coating and it’s resistant to corrosion.

·      The carbon steel bolt is zinc plated to give it corrosion resistance.

·      The alloy steel bolt can withstand heavy loads per square inch and it has a coating of zinc or cadmium to resist corrosion.

Depending on the length, hex bolts come with standard threads and others have full threads.

How to use hex bolts

Hex bolts can be used in a variety of exterior applications. You can use these bolts in the automotive industry, coastal areas, and other harsh environments. The most common hex bolt that you will come across is constructed by the hot-forging process. People like it because it has a die seam that is on the bearing surface and is permissible.

A hex bolt with its external threads and the head enables you to insert it by using a wrench. Hex bolts are designed to be installed into pre-drilled holes and you can find ones with coarse threads while others have fine threads. The machine screw sizes of hex bolts are called trim head hex screws and they come fully threaded.

BACO Enterprises

BACO Enterprises has a complete range of hex bolts in their regular stock. You can find hot-dipped galvanized, plain, and zinc hex bolts. Besides these bolts, they have other bolts that meet the specifications of A307B, A193-B8, A193-B7, and A193-B8M. If you are searching for a bolt that will withstand high-pressure as well as high-heat applications, then B7 is your best option. B7 hex bolts are constructed from chromium-molybdenum that goes through a heating process.

There are many good reasons why you have to purchase structural components from BACO Enterprises. Whether you are looking for hex bolts, askew head bolts or hex nuts, one thing for sure is that you are going to get them at competitive pricing. They also have speedy shipment to any location within the Northeast and MidAtlantic by delivering your product in less than 24 hours. Apart from the great customer service and fast shipment, they also have an assurance of quality. Their bolts have excellent quality standards, thanks to their in-house testing and inspection quality assurance team.

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