Hex Cap Screws

Plain, Zinc, HDG & GR.5 Hex Cap Screws

A hex cap screw has a clipped head and a washer face on its surface. A hex screw and a nut look the same, this means they are not tapered. They can be used to fasten two objects together by placing the screw from one end and tightening it with the nut on the other side. It’s commonly used to secure metal to metal, wood to wood, wood to metal, and metal to wood objects.

How to use a hex cap screw

Hex cap screws are suitable for securing objects as the washer face offers a good bearing after fastening it with a wrench or a socket. These screws are used in a variety of applications that need threads to tighten with nuts. Hex cap screws come in different types and they range from grade 2 to grade 9, which happens to be the highest grade of alloys.

A hex cap screw and nut work by friction process that occurs when you tighten the nut, meaning you compress them together. Sometimes, while fastening the nut, it will turn along with it. If this happens, you will need a second wrench or spanner to hold on to the screw while tightening the nut which is at the other end.

Features of a hex cap screw

People usually incorrectly use the terms a hex cap screw and a hex bolt to mean the same item. However, these are two different items as their major difference is in the way they are installed. Most people prefer using cap screws to tighten into a hole on an object or they are used in some OEM application. If you require a tight tolerance like the construction projects, you have to use a hex cap screw. This will give you a secure hold to ensure that your project is high-quality. Below are some features of a hex cap screw:

·      It has a flat washer underneath the head.

·      They are commonly manufactured by a process called cold-heading.

·      They feature a radius below the head at the shank.

BACO Enterprises

BACO Enterprises has hex cap screws that can be used in various industrial applications. They have plain hex cap screws, hex cap screws plated with zinc, stainless steel, zinc yellow, and screws with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. You have the assurance of quality customer services and speedy delivery of all the products you order.

There is an in-house inspection and testing quality assurance process to make sure that you receive the right hex cap screws that meet your needs. Also, there is a team that provides you with help to determine if the screws are ideal for the job you are doing.

If you are looking for an easy and efficient purchasing experience, then consider getting hex cap screws from BACO Enterprises. Not only will these screws meet your expectations, but you can even have them within 24 hours so that you can begin your project without any delay. You can trust BACO Enterprises to deliver all the products you order throughout the country.

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