Hex Lag Screws

Plain, Zinc, HDG, And Stainless Steel Hex Lag Screws

Hex lag screws are considered as some of the largest wood screws. The screws are inserted into wood by rotating their head. It has a six-sided head and lag threads which run deep and sharp. It’s designed like that as it’s intended to get into the wood and is never used with a nut. Here are some things you need to know before purchasing hex lag screws.

Types of hex lag screws

Hex lag screws are tough and they are sometimes referred to as lag bolts. These screws are suitable for connecting heavy wood and other items that carry heavy loads. Below are some of the hex lag screws available on the market:

·      Hot-dipped galvanized lag screws are corrosion resistant and they have a zinc finish to give them a bonded alloy coat.

·      Silicon bronze hex lag screws are also corrosion-resistant because of their silicon bronze.

·      There is also zinc plated steel hex lag screws which are not as corrosion resistant as the hot-dipped galvanized lag screws.

If you intend to use hex lag screws in harsh environments, then your best option is the hot-dipped galvanized screws. These screws have high corrosion resistance and they are used with hot-dipped galvanized products. This means you cannot use a stainless steel nut or a plain zinc nut on the hot-dipped galvanized screws.

They have slightly larger threads than nuts to give space to the galvanized coating. Zinc-plated hex lag screws have a zinc plated finish to give them protection from corrosion. While they contain a protective layer, they are not recommended for outdoor use because they don’t offer much resistance to corrosion.

How to use hex lag screws

Hex lag screws are larger than ordinary screws. But, you will need to drill a hole before using them. This is unlike other wood screws where they thread as they get through wood materials. Besides this, these screws are not used to connect heavy wood or items that carry heavy loads. For this reason, you will need a nut to give them additional strength and a secure hold. Wood screws are smaller and because they don’t use nuts, they can’t be used on heavy loads. They are not capable of bearing such loads as they don’t have a tight fit.

Most of the screws you can find on the market have different types of heads, but for the lag screws, the only ones you can get are hex lag screws. The hex head is designed to give them extra torque and you can use a driver bit or power drill to do that.

Why source hex lag screws from BACO Enterprises?

Hex lag screws have several benefits compared to the other wood screws, especially when it comes to heavy load applications. Some of the reasons why BACO Enterprises should be your preferred supplier are listed below:

·      BACO Enterprises has an extensive range of cost-effective hex lag screws. These screws are ideal for either domestic or industrial applications.

·      They provide the highest possible customer service and high-quality products, with all products going through in-house testing and inspection.

·      They have a dedicated team of experts who provide onsite survey services on the products you are using.

·      They also have a reliable delivery system including 24-hour service to the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.

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