Hex Tap Bolts

Plain, Zinc, GR.5, And Yellow Hex Tap Bolts

Hex tap bolts is a term that refers to a fully threaded hex bolt. Therefore, some people prefer to call it hex tap bolt or fully threaded cap screw. It’s mostly used in automotive, construction, and even agricultural industries. They are specifically suitable to be used in drilled and tapped holes and projects where it’s practically impossible to use a stud with a nut. This page will explain some of the properties and uses of a hex tap bolt.

How to use a hex tap bolt

When you are using a hex tap bolt, you should assemble it with a nut and you can tighten it by using a socket driver or a wrench. The nut should always be turned to enable it to fasten the assembly. In most cases, if you order a hex tap bolt, it sometimes comes with a hex cap screw. But, if you specifically wanted a hex cap screw, they will not supply you with a hex bolt unless you tell them to do so.

A hex tap bolt is a favorite item for people doing maintenance and repair projects because it’s pretty versatile. It is a fully threaded fastener that offers you great options. You can use a single length of a fully threaded bolt to replace several lengths of standard hex cap bolts. Because most of the applications need a nut to be used in the assembling of the job, it makes sense to have a hex tap bolt. It’s cost-effective and will perform an excellent job.

The features of a hex tap bolts

Hex tap bolts come in various sizes and they are all fully threaded. This means the thread runs from its tip to the bottom of the head. Though they have a weak tensile strength, the extended threads come in handy. They are useful when you need something else as hex cap screws are sometimes impractical to use in some applications.

You can find hex tap bolts in diameters ranging from 1/4” and above, and the bolts come in different types for specific applications. There is a variety of hex tap bolts and you can find plain bolts or bolts with stainless steel. If you are particular with the finish, you don’t have to worry because you can get some with zinc yellow and zinc finish.

BACO Enterprises

You can find anything you need for your application at BACO Enterprises. Whether you are looking for hex tap bolts, socket bolts, swedge bolts, or carriage bolts, you will get it for your project. The best thing is that you will get your products quickly because they understand that time is important. Customers who are from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic area can enjoy the 24-hour shipment option. For the other places, you can also expect your delivery to be done fast.

BACO Enterprises is dedicated to providing high-quality products that have been meticulously tested and inspected in-house. With a wide range of selection of products, you are bound to find what you are looking for. The company has always ensured that its customers get the right products at reasonable pricing.

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