Tension Control Bolts

Including A325, A490, And Galvanized TC Bolts

If you are looking for high strength and steel-to-steel fastening, then the tension control bolts are suitable for you. It’s a common bolt that most people prefer to use for high strength applications. It has a domed head and it’s not supposed to be installed with the normal tools. Instead, you need to use a special wrench to drive them into an object. Once it’s in place, the bolt is transformed as its extension is cut off as a result of the torque. This page will discuss the other features and benefits of tension control bolts.

Types of tension control bolts

Tension control bolts are comprised of two types known as ASTM A325 and ASTM A490. The A325 tension control bolts are available in plain or you can find others that are mechanically galvanized. The bolts are made from high strength steel and come in various diameters and lengths. On the other hand, A490 tension control bolts are available in a plain form and they don’t have any coating. They are also made from the same materials as the A325 with similar diameters, and lengths.

Both types of these tension control bolts are suitable for use in moderate temperatures that range between 40° F and 90° F. For outdoor applications, galvanized tension control bolts are the ideal bolts. You can also use them when you are worried about corrosion or weathering. But, the plain tension control bolts are great for use indoors or enclosed environments to avoid corrosive elements.

Benefits of using a tension control bolt

There are reasons why you need to use tension control bolts. The list below highlights some of them:

·      They are made from high-grade steel to give the highest longevity.

·      They don’t lock nuts because they resist vibration.

·      You need a minimum number of tools to install and maintain them.

·      They don’t need heavy calibrated torque wrenches.

BACO Enterprises

BACO Enterprises have their quality control system where they check all the A325 and A490 structural bolts to ensure that they meet tolerance requirements and accepted regulatory standards. They carry out Skidmore bolt testing which places a nut, a bolt, and a washer assembly in a calibrated reading device. Then a team of experts fastens the bolt in a similar way you would tighten it in a steel connection until the spline breaks off. It’s only at this point that they take a tension measurement to ascertain the minimum and maximum tension requirements.

It’s important to use the tension control bolts accurately. You have to keep them in their storage positions until the time comes to install them. They are also affected by high humidity and high-temperature environments. For that reason, store them in an airtight container to prevent them from reacting to the natural elements that could cause them to rust.

It’s because of their sensitivity that you need to have a reliable supplier who can deliver a large number of these bolts on short notice. BACO Enterprises is dedicated to offering you excellent services. They understand that tension control bolts are difficult to store, so they provide a scheduled delivery or urgent delivery options. This ensures that you have fasteners at your job site at all times.

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